the light shines through the noise and smoke

I always get a bit irritable at the approach of diwali. I think ‘Oh no! another night of noise and smoke.’ This year with the two month old baby I was specially dreading it. And we were invited to someone’s house in the evening for a ‘surprise’ party. The surprise was spoilt by a muppet who smsed the girl who was meant to be surprised, apologising for his absence. Anyhow, it was loud and noisy outside. Kiarna, wasn’t looking too happy and as we drove back home through the dust and the pollution, I was decidedly getting grumpier. Wondering what the scene at my home would be I was very pleasantly surprised. My neighbours had lit a whole bunch of little lamps on their balcony. We had a very irritable 2 month old with us, but my heart suddenly felt a bit peaceful. No noise from these lights. A wisp of smoke. No sparks. No multi-coloured sensory pillorying. Just peaceful light from these lamps. What Diwali is meant to be I’m told.

Somewhere it’s written, ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.’


that genre thing

I think I’ve finally got it! Everyone’s been trying to identify Thermal and a Quarter‘s genre of music. Mostly we give a cool post modern repartee saying the idea of genre itself is too constricting. But needs must. Especially to an audience which is from all over the world.

so here it is gentle ladies and men!

Thermal and a Quarter the kings of…

Curry Rock

ah yes… well… you may respond


This city is soaked to the core. And inept planning and execution means: clogged drains, no drains, flooded houses, bad roads, stressed out commuters… and the list goes on and on. We’re safe for the moment. But everybody is vulnerable. Nature doesn’t discriminate.

a bit humbled

things work out strangely. I had mentioned before about the RC 20 in the previous post. I’d kind of wanted it, in fact I used the word lust. Today was the day it was to go back to the owner and I went and met him and… (deep breath) he just gave the loop station to me. Whaaat…. He’d prayed about it and decided it was the right thing to do. I feel a bit small and a bit humbled. I hope to do some justice to this act of goodness… Thank you God, and thank you friend…

a borrowed toy

I’ve borrowed a brilliant toy for a few days.

The problem with borrowing is that it ensures the lust, the craving of ownership.

This little Boss RC 20 is really cool. It’s basically a loop station. So I can play a bass line, loop it, then dub some chords on top, loop it and then play a melody on the top of that. It’s quite amazing. On top of that, (no the bass doesn’t go that high) you can reverse the loops, which means you got real cool sounding stuff, coming out of a lowly four-string piece of wood.

I want one. The problem is, a good heart, a strong will, and good teamwork won’t do it. Not without MONEY.

and so I’ll quote my daughter ‘Waaaaah!’