pichairs of last years recording

Typical chandy timing. One year after the event. It’s much worse late and worst never.

terrible tenors

towmy the terrible and anupam

alternative altos: sneha, sneha, sneha, sneha, sneha and sneha. not really only the first 2 are snehas. the rest without love only. so it’s sneha, sneha, lara, maria, tanvi, and daisy.

super sopranos
viji, preethi, zulfiya, pheba, rose? (sorry!), priya eclipsed by binu, binu (who is covering priya must be a cop game or somethin’), reena and the great patrick costelhino.

These simians (mungees for those FEP students who don’t know English despite studying min 3 English subjects) happened to invade the studio after we all left. And like these things happen they got a pair of headphones and somehow clicked some camera and we’ve got the picture. We affectionately named them Vicky and Anurag after the 2 people that they DO resemble.

Waiting for this year’s pics!

thou shalt not connect

bsnl are crap. they’ve been nothing but trouble since my first daliance with them. worse i’ve never had a choice but to go with them. i have sinfully wished hell upon them but it’s still not getting me anywhere. so all my profound thoughts are stuck because of ‘no lines in the PD box sir’. No lines? I’ve got a few for you, you stupid organisation. But I’ll lose my reputation for having a relatively clean tongue. Bah!