We’re moving


after a nightmare of a year and a bit living in HSR, we’re moving. Luiza has been the most affected and as a family we all have been. The isolation, the noise, the alienation. I hope there is a marked reduction in those. And lots of healing… and repentance.

In Gloom

a bit fragile at the moment. listened to Sting. For the first time ever Christ college didn’t get the most points at In Bloom the fest that we host. None of the music teams even placed! Came back home fully depressed. Later saw Caesar’s Palace. Cheered up a little bit. Heard something that made me sad. In a different way. Came back home listened to Sting’s ‘They Dance Alone’. Had a bit of a cry. Beauty can be very emotional.

bangalore’s songs

Over the past couple of months I’ve been humming. And flapping my wings. No not really. I’ve been humming some really cool tunes, written by local chaps. The 15 odd people who do come here can have a look and a listen.

The cool bands to listen to:

Lounge Piranha and their myspace page. Hand hole is one of my favourite songs on that.

Caesar’s Palace. ‘Swim’ takes me far away. What a song of yearning. Guys! Record it!

Maximum Pudding. Ridiculously talented. Kiarna loves one eyed Max. Picture Painting is such a great tune and brilliantly crafted.

Groove Garden. The babies of the lot but they have the coolest manager in the world. Real good sound. Seven is a cool song and named as such for the lack of a better name! Like Sevenish by TAAQ and 7/8 by Caesar’s Palace

One day we’ll compile all these songs. Maybe on the new earth but still…