Find and replace

Happiness can be seen as delusional. So if we replace the word happiness and its other forms with it’s delusional counterpart you truly enter the cynics’ world.

Some well known phrases turn dryly wry.

‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of delusions.’ – American declaration of independence

‘And they lived deluded ever after.’ – that fairy tale thingy.

‘I am so deluded.’  – People in love

‘Deluded all the time.’ – Worship songs from a particular era.



A couple of days ago I did something silly. I joined a mob. It was an online mob requesting maria miller to resign or pay the full wack of money that she’s supposed to have illegitimately taken.

I thought of why I had done it and what my assumptions were in terms of it’s possible outcomes. And truth is it was just some media induced frustrations. I had just got sucked in and joined the mob.

The mob is an odd thing. No one’s really in control of it and the many individuals who comprise it, seem to get sucked into this spirit of the mob. It is an odd spirit with no real goal other than to impose it’s fleeting will upon a situation. It easily turns, it easily dissipates and quickly forms. though no one is in control a mob is often conjured up through incitement. Whisperers of hate and pedlars of lies are the best at it.

In the end the mob does no real good other than some brief carthasis but never brings anything meaningful anywhere. And I joined one. sigh.