A parable of talents

Once in the land of Naad three young people were sent away from their home, each to a different land. They were to learn of that land and come back with new skills and knowledge.

Three years passed; they came back and there was a feast to welcome them. At this joyous time the priests and the elders summoned the young ones to ask them of their journey. All became quiet as the first one spoke.

“I learnt of how things work. How to put together things. How to harness energy, how to make lights flash and how to programme machines so that they do our bidding.”

“Welcome!” cried the elders and priests, “enter into our community, use your gifts here, make money here, be part of the greatness of our people.”

The second one stood forward. “I learnt about the body and its diseases. I learnt of many cures, how to fix a broken nose and how to get nicer skin. I even learnt the strange art of ‘fitness regime’ so that we might never be ill again.”

“Welcome!” cried the elders and priests, (especially the ones who had a stinking cold), “enter into our community, use your gifts here, make money here, be part of the greatness of our people.”

The third one stood forward, eyes bright, countenance joyful. “I learnt of God. Who reaches out to us. I learnt about us. Who reach out to God. I learnt of many great things; of how to transform our lives, of new ways of doing our festivals, of ways to fight for justice as God would love us to do.”

There was a great silence. Then a small cough. A shuffle of feet.

One of the priests then cried out. “Diane!…Diane!”

Diane stepped out from the crowd.

“Diane, can you put this bright young thing on your ROTA?”


Conspiracies are very important to give us a sense of meaning that is exciting. Nothing can rouse a passion and a sense of purpose than the imagination of being persecuted. So the laughable account of many Indians considering the recent BBC documentary as some kind of Western conspiracy is nothing new. What a lot of us don’t get is that a general prejudice isn’t a conspiracy. So here’s my abridged list of global conspiracies.

UK – It’s a European conspiracy

US – It’s a Socialist conspiracy

India – It’s a Western conspiracy

Pakistan – It’s an Indian conspiracy

Atheists – It’s a religious conspiracy

Christians – It’s an atheist, Muslim conspiracy

Muslims – It’s an atheist, Christian conspiracy

Ethnic migrants in the West – It’s a white conspiracy

White people – It’s a multicultural conspiracy

Men – It’s a feminist conspiracy

Dogs – it’s a cat conspiracy

Fish – It’s a Land creature conspiracy

Amoeba – …..


In the beginning there was a mob. Over it was a breath and a voice came through the breath and said ‘Separate!’ The mob dispersed not knowing what to do. They sensed each other for the first time. And they were called. Day and Night were asked to dance round and round. Sun, Moon and Stars gently circled around them.  Sky and Sea met and laughed while Land gently tipped her toes in the water. Creature multiplied herself into many beautiful children each one strange and great. And they were called. Called into being to be that being. And there was another call. “Go! Be with each other. Glory in each other. Love each other. As I am.”

….And it is not yet.