christmas moosings and that’s not rain deer

hmmm. disconnect. Not too sure why. In many ways this should’ve been a more profound Christmas. I was able to write a few a good pieces which seemed to have meaning about the Christmas story, I am with most of my family after a gap of a good 2 years and the one entity that I do care about and love; ie the Christ college choir had a great and fulfilling time.

Maybe it was church. Maybe it was Modi winning the elections. Maybe it was the elevation of Santa to omnipresent god. Maybe it’s just me.

Trying to wish everyone at Christmas you come to the painful reminder that there are so many you don’t talk to anymore. Or so many who don’t talk to you anymore.
‘… peace on earth, goodwill to all..’

Santa has found his way everywhere. From the good old saint who helped people he’s now an elevated Bacchus or mammon himself, I don’t know. A religion of transaction.
‘… for unto us a son is given…’

Modi has become chief minister again. Just like George Bush became president again.
‘… the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it…’

I think this Christmas a lot of reality has pierced my rather thick brain. And the aches and pains of it were no where more apparent than in church. Going through some truly ancient and beautiful traditions alongside the meaningless and trite ones. Some truly honest effort alongside shoddy and mediocre ones.

It’s all so real. And I haven’t even really thought about poverty and injustice yet!
But this might be the best Christmas in many ways. Don’t know when the next one in India is. Will be a while. A lot of family around. A few friends too. As one gets older all these are all the more precious. That pool from college trickles after a bit.

I wonder what Jesus thinks of it all. Hmmm… shan’t try it.

Deep peace everybody.

I like those words.

Deep peace.