World Music Day. Some stuff from around the World. Some music. But not during the day. Barely during the night either.

Bangalore’s music fraternity turned out in full force to watch and play what is definitely becoming a Page 3 event. Page 3 of ‘How to make sure bands play for as short a time as possible.’

Highlights of the evening:

The folly of Gaurav’s follicles
Little kid doing extremely cool dance moves exactly out of beat
9 year old drummer ashish

BTW Taaq is baaq

lifelines down


land in bangalore, all our phones down.

scooter borrowed.

stuck at home with no one to call and no call to you.

lifelines down.

but we survived.

guess they’re not real lifelines.

comfortlines. aren’t they meant to be around your waist?

still no broadband at home. bsnl hsr layout is like remnant poo.