Rust flaking off

So far so good. But I’m off to the Burgh tomorrow to see some friends at the Fringe. The kind of friends who are part of your conscious history, who’s made you who you are. The band have been doing well and it’ll be good to see old faces older and new jokes with the same old groans. Hopefully I’ll do some online blah di blah and continue the writing.

Managing the second day

The second day is quite good. Cause you’ve got through the first day. Expectations are still low but you’ve made marginal progress, which is encouraging. After the rustiness of the first day, the second day is still forgiving in whatever rubbish that is spewed forth.

The aim is to write for half an hour every day. A bit on this blog and a bit on a hidden openoffice document.


I complain a lot. To God, my wife, my daughters, to anyone who listens or even doesn’t. Most of my complaints are about the sheer lack of self-fulfilment which comes about partially through the sheer wastage of time that occurs because I’m in complain mode. I could be writing, composing, initiating contacts with people I need to, doing sound; but I can’t. I’m too scared to start anything. And when I do it feels like it all just peters out into that drip of nothing.

So I’m starting something now. Just trying to write a bit everyday. We’ll see how soon it peters out. Don’t hold your breath.