I complain a lot. To God, my wife, my daughters, to anyone who listens or even doesn’t. Most of my complaints are about the sheer lack of self-fulfilment which comes about partially through the sheer wastage of time that occurs because I’m in complain mode. I could be writing, composing, initiating contacts with people I need to, doing sound; but I can’t. I’m too scared to start anything. And when I do it feels like it all just peters out into that drip of nothing.

So I’m starting something now. Just trying to write a bit everyday. We’ll see how soon it peters out. Don’t hold your breath.



One thought on “Writing”

  1. I can tell I’m going to enjoy what you write about. Maybe try reading a book. The one I’m reading now is called A Happy Pocket Full of Money.

    And no it doesn’t just talk about money. It really talks about wealth in all areas of your life not just money. Great read I suggest you read it as well.

    -Isaiah Jackson

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