The Inspection Part 4

The hall was great and old
Patched with decay and life
Many lives and stories untold
of beauty, love and strife

Light and darkness
gamboled along
from the same nest
or a different song?

Paintings of sickening sweetness
nestled along with those great and terrible
Walls adorned with putrid moss
as though no rolling stone was able

‘No aesthetic’ I muttered
‘No health regulation, no light’
‘Not fit for an insect’ as a bee fluttered
lost in the purpose of flight

People were everywhere
sitting, standing, lying, walking
though dim, with a strong stare
I spotted things beside the singing

Strange incantations,
laughter and cheer
Life giving hugs,
and barrels of fear

They seemed to be grouped
in a manner rather vague
and sometimes trooped
to each others stage

Some in black, some in white
some in jeans, some in robes
some in embrace, some in fight
some in fear, some in hope

a few were far better lit
than many of the others
but there seemed no electronic kit
to brighten these dames and sirs

In the dark corners
I couldn’t bear to look
for the evil horrors
that darkness cooked

Children used for depravity
Women held and fed poison
Men twisted in broken bone city
All by power, pride and position

‘Someone call the police!’ shouted Wade
till he saw a uniform swing his stick
at the mouth of an old maid
life smoked out of a waxed wick

‘See! See!’ shouted Shrug
whose name was Phil
going thoroughly berserk
and I felt definitely ill

‘This it not what this was built for!
For every evil to find its home
This beautiful mansion is a stage of horror
to fulfil every painful groan!’

‘True!’, the voice calmed my bile
‘But why have you stayed
Though this place is full of hurt and rile?
…And me who is one eyed?’

‘The lights up!’ stated Wade
‘and just a moment, you, young lass
You look like that man with the shaven head
whom we met before entering this carcass’

Though disfigured it was true
the face reflected the strange man
who’d called out ‘Blue!’
and I smiled though ever so wan

She did too and though her face
mottled, twisted further, I saw
that she was once part of the human race
but for some fury of destiny’s claw

‘A daughter’ she whispered
and all other sound ceased
the waves dispersed
and all pain was eased

The great kitchen of sound
fell back on us, with the screams dying
as a great song began to resound
along with a Deep sighing.

To recite it would be injustice
for it was simple but so filled with sagacity
a song of an ancient time, before dust was
reaching over to the end of infinity

‘They’re off key’ intoned Phil
They were but it didn’t matter
I wished I could sing even though shrill
But my voice was just a clatter

‘Come, come! Our report is pending!
We can’t watch this strange cult forever
we must be truly wending’
He said in a voice less severe?

‘True’ said Phil ‘ we shall move on
And witness the centre of our clotted airs
on to the very foundation
Move on up the stairs!’ STAIRS?

Part 5

The Inspection Part 3

‘Welcome!’ boomed the first
a face so plastic
with teeth that were nursed
and a cheek twitch of a tick

His smile was glued
in an all american grin
and his arm moved
to shake ours like a fin

‘You look bewildered’
said the next with a voice
that smelt of pure kindred
and the cessation of noise

Her face had seen vengeance
of every horror of the world
only one eye was in existence
the other lost in fleshly fold

‘Hmmmm. what brings you here gentlemen?’
Clotted cynicism mirrored our own
He looked us up and down and then
shrugged as seemed his habit like my frown

‘Inspectors ey? Inspect all you like
You’ll find only what you want’
He was telling us to take a hike
without the fuss of an arduous rant.

‘Coffee?’ said another woman
plump without disorder
and the cup was done
without a whisper of bother

‘Biscuits?’ as our hand trembled
with hot cups wondering
whether we had stumbled
on to a fattening the calf scheme

‘What is this place?’ I mumbled
through delicious smooth coffee
and biscuit that crumbled
in my mouth melting into wholesome toffee

‘A mad house!’ said Shrug
taking the words out of Pale’s mouth
my heart sank to fear’s fierce tug
at the cynic’s jolly shout

‘Now…’ and my heart was light again
as I heard the sound of the rainbow
the woman whose face had seen much pain
‘…now’ eased the knot of my brow

‘This place has many names, many faces
it is heaven to some, hell to many more
but…’ she paused in a delicious phrase
‘come and see before I’m an ear sore’

Ear sore? I couldn’t believe my own
For when she spoke the din of the hall
Dimmed away in a distant drown
And I would’ve followed her faintest call

‘Here!’ commanded responsible Wade
‘Let’s be off and done with this tour
we’ll take Shrug and this one eyed maid
I don’t trust smiley face and the biscuit lady for sure.’

And off we stepped into the strange kaboodle
to tell a tale of wide insanity
A journey that never let up the pedal
and defied non-existent laws of gravity

To be continued…

Part 4

The Inspection Part 2

The stairs uneven broke our step
as Wade and I made our way
Aimless whistle for a little pep
wished we were with Brown and Grey

A strange breeze roughed our hair
of many a shade and song
like a breath of the Great Big Scare
feelings unknown were born

Nearing the top
the doors were many
a veritable crop
in every nook and cranny

Ornate, dilapilated on the extreme
neon signs, bad spelling and fresh paint
pinks and oranges and a horrible cream
all stacked together like antiques quaint

‘That one’ said Pale
his mouth in a line set
‘in wood friendly and frail
seems our safest bet’

To enter one could assume
a gentle push should do
no key nor guide in bloom
and our host vanished in the blue

With my brow crooked
I pushed the well oiled plank
and into the bowels we looked
of sheer light and dank

The sounds greeted us myriad
songs of magic and scream
and a few faces towards us leered
from the creature stream

Men of most colours,Women of most sizes
Children of most tongues, rainbow droppings
shouting, screaming, singing, and playing… with dices
fights breaking, hugs enfolding, the utterance of great and terrible harbings.

‘Against,’ said Wade ‘all regulations!
this hall is badly constructed
for such large populations
make note’ he instructed

‘Immigrants and foreigners
why are they here?
Look! they’re having strange dinners
with that glass of beer’

‘Join us you must!’ a sound so leaden
‘Let them be’ a song of thousand butterfly bells
‘Don’t pull them in so sudden’
‘True, true’ said the depth of refreshing wells.

Four stood in front of us
in four different smiles
in four different universes
or was it four different wiles?…

To be continued…

Part 3

The Inspection part 1

‘It’s cracking up old chap
Rotten to the core’
‘No’ said one with a clap
Just a frightening bore

Who would build this
Is the big Q
Corners in circles
and colours askew

‘Work in progress’
Shouted another
‘and an awful mess’
Who would bother?

Beautiful towers pillars shambolic
the westside jewel crusted
eastward the colours frolic
amongst the frames rusted

‘No plannin” said the first one
‘No thought’ said the second
‘No aesthetic’ said Mr. Brown
And I frowned down at the ground

Never before had we witnessed this
Stripes and dots so brightly flung
on a robust cardboard fortress
with shapes and sizes that looked quite fun

‘Well boys!’ the funky said
a voice of many colours and hues
the owner with his shaven head
‘Looks like a casket of blues!’

Mr. Brown turned a deeper shade
While Mr. Grey the first
turned to Mr Pale (known as Wade)
and me, my frown was ready to burst.

‘Inspect you must, my pride,
my joy, my very own’
He said, ‘I must confide,
you will say, tear it down’!

Mr. Brown and Mr. Grey
grew quietly officious
pencils circling their prey
lead on forms vicious

Not a chance in hell! said Grey
Not a sight of heaven! said Brown
For this ungainly kennel! said dogged Grey
You should be out be seven! said watchful Brown

The man laughed and behind him
the monstrosity shook.
Pale looked quite grim
while I hid in my book.

‘Messrs, Gentlemen, Dudes!
you have to give me a chance
come and partake of my foods
or at least give my place a glance!’

‘No! No!’ echoed Brown and Grey
‘Quite clear for us thank YOU’
Pale and I thought we would stay
tickled and troubled by an almighty Q

‘The place is yours laddies!
Have a look top to bottom’
said he with a nose like my daddy’s
but not really quite my chum

B and G i.e. Brown and Grey
shivered their obituaries on us
as we stepped past the ageing frey
into the puzzle vast, of light and darkness.

To be continued…

Part 2