The Inspection Part 2

The stairs uneven broke our step
as Wade and I made our way
Aimless whistle for a little pep
wished we were with Brown and Grey

A strange breeze roughed our hair
of many a shade and song
like a breath of the Great Big Scare
feelings unknown were born

Nearing the top
the doors were many
a veritable crop
in every nook and cranny

Ornate, dilapilated on the extreme
neon signs, bad spelling and fresh paint
pinks and oranges and a horrible cream
all stacked together like antiques quaint

‘That one’ said Pale
his mouth in a line set
‘in wood friendly and frail
seems our safest bet’

To enter one could assume
a gentle push should do
no key nor guide in bloom
and our host vanished in the blue

With my brow crooked
I pushed the well oiled plank
and into the bowels we looked
of sheer light and dank

The sounds greeted us myriad
songs of magic and scream
and a few faces towards us leered
from the creature stream

Men of most colours,Women of most sizes
Children of most tongues, rainbow droppings
shouting, screaming, singing, and playing… with dices
fights breaking, hugs enfolding, the utterance of great and terrible harbings.

‘Against,’ said Wade ‘all regulations!
this hall is badly constructed
for such large populations
make note’ he instructed

‘Immigrants and foreigners
why are they here?
Look! they’re having strange dinners
with that glass of beer’

‘Join us you must!’ a sound so leaden
‘Let them be’ a song of thousand butterfly bells
‘Don’t pull them in so sudden’
‘True, true’ said the depth of refreshing wells.

Four stood in front of us
in four different smiles
in four different universes
or was it four different wiles?…

To be continued…

Part 3


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