Soup of the Day 2

Is basically a band which loosely wants to do funk but basically ends up playing funk very loosely. It has a strange gravitation towards malayalee musicians (the damn ferrets!) with in its current line up only 1 non mal. (what a bad sentence).

Anyways look forward to some zany music!

Jeeves with black skin in Christ college

Why would a black skinned man with a smart dapper suit be sitting in the Christ college office? Well it could be because the college wants a more upmarket, global, racially inclusive look. Or it might be a new BHM department lecturer. Or it might be even a real music teacher. The present one is rubbish!

Actually it is just the wild imagination of the writer at seeing a misspelt sign on the board.

Lost and Found: One Black Valet

It is true!

Chandy’s gig guide

on Jan 3rd

with the college choir for ACC mass

and later…

playing keyboards
with Thermal and a Quarter
at Sheshadripuram college?!

on Jan 10th

playing bass 🙂
with Lounge Piranha
at some pub

on Jan 12th

playing bass 🙂
with Lounge Piranha
at some pub

Past month’s gigs (just to prove i’m not bumming around 🙂 (hate these double brackets!))

Dec 1st keys with TAAQ, Delhi, @Lodhi gardens

Dec 2nd keys with TAAQ, for 10 year party

Dec 3rd Christ college choir @Rice memorial and GCIC, and later singing??! for a quartet @ KMC

Dec 9th Christ college choir @Campus Crusade

Dec 10th bass for Jazz Gloria @ KMC, later keys for TAAQ at JNC

Dec 14th Christ college choir @Basel Mission

Dec 15th Christ college choir ACC christmas 2 shows @ Christ college

Dec 16th Christ college choir ‘Magnificat – a song of hope’ @ Christ college

Dec 17th Christ college choir @ KMC

Dec 20th Christ college choir @ Bishop Cottons College and later keys and guitar with TAAQ @ HINT

Dec 22nd guest appearance playing bass with Galeej Gurus, @ St. John’s amphitheatre

Dec 23rd keys with TAAQ Delhi @ Shriram College of Commerce

An uninspiring acronym

WTF is a simple but effective way of saying… um… WTF. Etymologically it doesn’t mean anything. ‘What the copulation’ or ‘What the sex’ doesn’t really mean anything does it? Or does it?

Anyhow I propose to have a few alternatives to the full expansion of WTF.

Wack That Fly do you mean?

Wicked Tensive Fire are you saying?

Well Thought Fill Rajeev!

Went To Fail exam.

Why The Fish are u late?

What The Felicitation do u mean?


Kerala Kakophonies part 2

Once went to my cousin’s wedding. Everything seemed fine and normal. The organist was driveling some strange avant-garde improvisation. All the cousins were sitting in the choir pew and fanning themselves with the service sheet (useful things) and suddenly the Bridal march started in walked my cousin touchingly holding father’s hand. Now everything may seem normal as ever but there was one problem. My cousin was the Groom. So here we were where the groom had walked in to the bridal march. Is there anything called a Groomal March?

The official version of the story is yet to be announced but this is what we think.

Everyone’s on time. Everything is going according to plan. BUT… bride was very nervous. So the moment our avant-garde organist started his painful chords she thought that THAT was IT. So in she trooped leaving her hapless groom trapped outside, and the poor avant-garde organist is suddenly left with the conundrum of what to do with unplayed Bridal March since the Bride has already marched. On some signal (maybe his avant-garde soul or my ‘this organist should die’ aunt) he started the bridal march dolefully. It has to be played after all.

Upon this my nervy uncle grabs the son’s hand and marches down. Appearances be damned there’s a wedding which needs to happen.

Maybe I should pen a Groomal March for such emergencies. After all a little Malayalee who’s become big is a Grewmal and he needs to get married.