Jeeves with black skin in Christ college

Why would a black skinned man with a smart dapper suit be sitting in the Christ college office? Well it could be because the college wants a more upmarket, global, racially inclusive look. Or it might be a new BHM department lecturer. Or it might be even a real music teacher. The present one is rubbish!

Actually it is just the wild imagination of the writer at seeing a misspelt sign on the board.

Lost and Found: One Black Valet

It is true!

Chandy’s gig guide

on Jan 3rd

with the college choir for ACC mass

and later…

playing keyboards
with Thermal and a Quarter
at Sheshadripuram college?!

on Jan 10th

playing bass 🙂
with Lounge Piranha
at some pub

on Jan 12th

playing bass 🙂
with Lounge Piranha
at some pub

Past month’s gigs (just to prove i’m not bumming around 🙂 (hate these double brackets!))

Dec 1st keys with TAAQ, Delhi, @Lodhi gardens

Dec 2nd keys with TAAQ, for 10 year party

Dec 3rd Christ college choir @Rice memorial and GCIC, and later singing??! for a quartet @ KMC

Dec 9th Christ college choir @Campus Crusade

Dec 10th bass for Jazz Gloria @ KMC, later keys for TAAQ at JNC

Dec 14th Christ college choir @Basel Mission

Dec 15th Christ college choir ACC christmas 2 shows @ Christ college

Dec 16th Christ college choir ‘Magnificat – a song of hope’ @ Christ college

Dec 17th Christ college choir @ KMC

Dec 20th Christ college choir @ Bishop Cottons College and later keys and guitar with TAAQ @ HINT

Dec 22nd guest appearance playing bass with Galeej Gurus, @ St. John’s amphitheatre

Dec 23rd keys with TAAQ Delhi @ Shriram College of Commerce