Kerala Kakophonies part 2

Once went to my cousin’s wedding. Everything seemed fine and normal. The organist was driveling some strange avant-garde improvisation. All the cousins were sitting in the choir pew and fanning themselves with the service sheet (useful things) and suddenly the Bridal march started in walked my cousin touchingly holding father’s hand. Now everything may seem normal as ever but there was one problem. My cousin was the Groom. So here we were where the groom had walked in to the bridal march. Is there anything called a Groomal March?

The official version of the story is yet to be announced but this is what we think.

Everyone’s on time. Everything is going according to plan. BUT… bride was very nervous. So the moment our avant-garde organist started his painful chords she thought that THAT was IT. So in she trooped leaving her hapless groom trapped outside, and the poor avant-garde organist is suddenly left with the conundrum of what to do with unplayed Bridal March since the Bride has already marched. On some signal (maybe his avant-garde soul or my ‘this organist should die’ aunt) he started the bridal march dolefully. It has to be played after all.

Upon this my nervy uncle grabs the son’s hand and marches down. Appearances be damned there’s a wedding which needs to happen.

Maybe I should pen a Groomal March for such emergencies. After all a little Malayalee who’s become big is a Grewmal and he needs to get married.

3 thoughts on “Kerala Kakophonies part 2”

  1. Hahahaa…eda Bean, if you happen to have a close shave and do this Groomal march, people won’t know the difference!

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