The one and the many

It’s an ancient conundrum. What do we strive for? The common good or the betterment of the individual? From the ancients till now we’ve been struggling with it.

However what is clear is that today in Britain the individual is the centre of discourse, politics and theology. The common good is quietly being dismantled, evidenced by the shackling of the BBC and the tearing down of the NHS.

I see Socialism as the formalisation of the common good, denigrating the individual.

I see Capitalism as the formalisation of the individual, denigrating the common good.

Both are inherently dehumanising from a Christian perspective. It’s easy to say that God, the Trinity should give us the right balance. Yet, there is much resistance in church to think through stuff. Better an easy answer rather than an embodied struggle to listen to and practice the life, Father, Son and Holy Spirit gives us. Lord, have mercy