things i’ve read

one of those self indulgent thingys. just some so called tomes that have impacted me, changed me, made me laugh or just make me shake my head… and ya ones I still like to have a look at…

(roughly in chronogical order)

Chronicles of Narnia – every re-read from the age of 7 till today is brill
Tinkle – Yes! had all the issues from 1 – 127. lot of the stories and characters stick. Tantri the Mantri, and Shikari Shambu…
Target – those who complain about my humour can blame my grandfather and this great mag. It was coool.
Asterix – how do they get puns to translate so well?
Tintin – cool characters ‘to be precise school tractors’. ‘Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons and Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles.’
The Bible – well it’s not really a book in a normal sense. It’s a great collection of writings. Pretty much the central bit of literature or writing to my life.
Tolkien – no i’m not a fanatic. I’ve read the Hobbit only twice, LOTR twice and Silmarillion one and a half times. I want to live with Tom Bombadil.
My first book of riddles Why did the two inkspots cry? Because their mother was in the pen doing a long sentence.
Adrian Plass – Fav Christian writer along with CS Lewis. ‘… can’t fix the roof, it’s a futile gesture’. Get it?
A Man Called Thursday – One of GK Chesterton’s bizarre stories. Fascinating.
Tom Wright, Richard Bauckham, Conrad Gempf – Theologians I like.
Maus Thee graphic novel

At this point I figure that this list is endless. So you may browse to another window.

The idli vada saga

an idli and a vada were playing football one day. It was a sagar match…

the vada and the idli discussed one day who was the better person. Obviously it was the vada since he was the holey one.

an idli was drowning his sorrows in sum bar. The vada cripsly asked ‘what’s cooking idli?’. The idli replied, all steamed up, ‘I had the hots for this tasty dish, a dosa. But she was plain.’

‘That’s nothing, I was after this bird, but she was real cold, even after being on bended chutknee but what do you expect from a chilli bhajji?’

Who wrote

‘…union with Christ consists in the most intimate communication with him, in having him before our eyes and in our hearts, and being so filled with the highest love for him, at the same time we turn our hearts to our brothers whom he has closely bound to us, and for whom also he sacrificed himself…’

You’ll be surprised to know. And most of you will know the person as well. Come on you random quizzers!