The idli vada saga

an idli and a vada were playing football one day. It was a sagar match…

the vada and the idli discussed one day who was the better person. Obviously it was the vada since he was the holey one.

an idli was drowning his sorrows in sum bar. The vada cripsly asked ‘what’s cooking idli?’. The idli replied, all steamed up, ‘I had the hots for this tasty dish, a dosa. But she was plain.’

‘That’s nothing, I was after this bird, but she was real cold, even after being on bended chutknee but what do you expect from a chilli bhajji?’


9 thoughts on “The idli vada saga”

  1. n the vada sadly thot “y was i ever bon da”? (born da..bonda get it? hehe)n idli replied, “atleast we wouldnt have been in this soup”..(bonda soup..heheh)or this mess…hahahaahahah
    ok im sorry i ll stop..wat a nice post mr.chandy!!!!

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