At sea

was given much
a silver spoon
and rather good fate
born in a peacable time
with gentle ancestors
but i took it all
for granted and lived
in ungrateful hate
and ground my teeth
ingrained to look
and gaze unto the navel

was given much
a partner and an offspring
who cherished me much
and i cherished with them
me, oh woe is me
and swiftly in that twinkling
brought on anguish
with my head bowed
towards the navel

was given much
talent and all that
but in the end it all ended up
in the navel

was given much
chances, hopes
even a cross
and a resurrection
but was it really worth it
compared to the navel?

was given much
but threw it all away
except the bloody navel
now i’m stuck at sea
turned in on myself
a wooly submarine