The Inspection part 1

‘It’s cracking up old chap
Rotten to the core’
‘No’ said one with a clap
Just a frightening bore

Who would build this
Is the big Q
Corners in circles
and colours askew

‘Work in progress’
Shouted another
‘and an awful mess’
Who would bother?

Beautiful towers pillars shambolic
the westside jewel crusted
eastward the colours frolic
amongst the frames rusted

‘No plannin” said the first one
‘No thought’ said the second
‘No aesthetic’ said Mr. Brown
And I frowned down at the ground

Never before had we witnessed this
Stripes and dots so brightly flung
on a robust cardboard fortress
with shapes and sizes that looked quite fun

‘Well boys!’ the funky said
a voice of many colours and hues
the owner with his shaven head
‘Looks like a casket of blues!’

Mr. Brown turned a deeper shade
While Mr. Grey the first
turned to Mr Pale (known as Wade)
and me, my frown was ready to burst.

‘Inspect you must, my pride,
my joy, my very own’
He said, ‘I must confide,
you will say, tear it down’!

Mr. Brown and Mr. Grey
grew quietly officious
pencils circling their prey
lead on forms vicious

Not a chance in hell! said Grey
Not a sight of heaven! said Brown
For this ungainly kennel! said dogged Grey
You should be out be seven! said watchful Brown

The man laughed and behind him
the monstrosity shook.
Pale looked quite grim
while I hid in my book.

‘Messrs, Gentlemen, Dudes!
you have to give me a chance
come and partake of my foods
or at least give my place a glance!’

‘No! No!’ echoed Brown and Grey
‘Quite clear for us thank YOU’
Pale and I thought we would stay
tickled and troubled by an almighty Q

‘The place is yours laddies!
Have a look top to bottom’
said he with a nose like my daddy’s
but not really quite my chum

B and G i.e. Brown and Grey
shivered their obituaries on us
as we stepped past the ageing frey
into the puzzle vast, of light and darkness.

To be continued…

Part 2


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