Conspiracies are very important to give us a sense of meaning that is exciting. Nothing can rouse a passion and a sense of purpose than the imagination of being persecuted. So the laughable account of many Indians considering the recent BBC documentary as some kind of Western conspiracy is nothing new. What a lot of us don’t get is that a general prejudice isn’t a conspiracy. So here’s my abridged list of global conspiracies.

UK – It’s a European conspiracy

US – It’s a Socialist conspiracy

India – It’s a Western conspiracy

Pakistan – It’s an Indian conspiracy

Atheists – It’s a religious conspiracy

Christians – It’s an atheist, Muslim conspiracy

Muslims – It’s an atheist, Christian conspiracy

Ethnic migrants in the West – It’s a white conspiracy

White people – It’s a multicultural conspiracy

Men – It’s a feminist conspiracy

Dogs – it’s a cat conspiracy

Fish – It’s a Land creature conspiracy

Amoeba – …..


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