thou shalt not connect

bsnl are crap. they’ve been nothing but trouble since my first daliance with them. worse i’ve never had a choice but to go with them. i have sinfully wished hell upon them but it’s still not getting me anywhere. so all my profound thoughts are stuck because of ‘no lines in the PD box sir’. No lines? I’ve got a few for you, you stupid organisation. But I’ll lose my reputation for having a relatively clean tongue. Bah!


5 thoughts on “thou shalt not connect”

  1. Lovely Sunil…that was quite entertaining to read. I mean, i hope you get your connection soon..but at least it made for funny reading.

  2. @anonymous

    you don’t read very carefully do you? Maybe you should. Then your sarcasm might dip a little bit. Airtel for the last 4 years have told me that they’ll ‘get permission in 3 months’.

  3. tell me about it…

    i live in a quiet place and the price for peace is BSNL! hathway and airtel will have nothing to do with non-koramangala areas….BAH!

    no lines, no connection, no service & definitely no excellence…non-christites…BAH!

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