Vocalists wanted

I’m planning to start a new band. I’ve decided the genre is going to be acapella death metal. Since the genre is quite new and rare I shall explain a bit. Death metal is typified by growls, snarls and loud heavy guitars. One death metal song that I remember by a Christian death metal band, (yes, they do exist), goes like this:

(In extreme intensity of voice)

Verse 1:

Verse 2:

Simple little ditty isn’t it? Observing the passage of death to life.

Acapella is a bit more complex. There you have interesting syllabic utterances like
‘shoe-bee’ ‘wah’
with sudden squiggly note production like Whitney Houston or Robert Martin or even Thomas John. The last one is a Malayalee if you haven’t noticed!

Anyhow I plan to merge both the genres and hence acapella death metal. This is my vision of a performance.

5 Long haired vocalists with piercings all over dressed in silky white satin, come on stage moshing (head banging) and clicking their fingers.

The song (an own composition) goes something like this

Verse 1
DEATH! shoo-do wop
SHOO death do wop
oohhh baby
yeah! (the squiggly note bit, a la Robert Martin or Thomas John, (the last one is a Malayalee by the way))

Verse 2
Instrumental solo

Verse 3
love you babe, you’re my sugar, bum-bum-bum
you’re my all in all dobedo

At this point 2 of the vocalists hug each other and start choking each other…

and so on…

All those interested please contact chandybass

leave details on comments


6 thoughts on “Vocalists wanted”

  1. I’ve noticed that every acappella band needs one rather disconnected guy who can play the guitar. No fuss, no mosh. He just gives them their starting notes and counts them in..I nominate myself for that position. If you need references, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  2. avalonian: acapella doesn’t mean acoustic. It means unaccompanied. A famous musician like yourself didn’t know that?!!

  3. I wont play, i’ll just hand them their notes. If they are ALL metchal heads, they can’t have too much of an idea about that sorta thing ;)…

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