a bit humbled

things work out strangely. I had mentioned before about the RC 20 in the previous post. I’d kind of wanted it, in fact I used the word lust. Today was the day it was to go back to the owner and I went and met him and… (deep breath) he just gave the loop station to me. Whaaat…. He’d prayed about it and decided it was the right thing to do. I feel a bit small and a bit humbled. I hope to do some justice to this act of goodness… Thank you God, and thank you friend…


8 thoughts on “a bit humbled”

  1. He he! So, Lu’s saved the trouble having to listen to you mope around and sulk for a few months. good for you chandy saare. now bruce just needs someone to gift him a hand made erissa.

  2. Bass!! that’s the best news ever!! If everyone else prayed for musicians’ equipment needs, then the world would be a better place!

  3. Kunnngrajulayshuns!!! May he be blessed with another classy RC. Until then, peace out dhude and enjoy the toy a’la 3 yr olds.

  4. If you go to Brigade Fuel and RC30 is around 15 bucks, and RC 60 is 30 bucks.

    Anyways, do pray for me, I’d like a Hammond B3!

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