what friends do

those who read stupid rock shows will recall that my keyboards got wet. This is the story that occured following that. Our drummer Rajeev escorted the keyboards in his Ford Ikon (not Escort) back to his place. Normally instruments are left in the car for the night before taking it back to the practice place. However since they were wet, it wasn’t the ideal thing. I completely forgot like a dipstick and called up around 10.30 pm. ‘Machcha, please can you take the keyboards into your house and dry them’. The gentleman that he is Rajeev walked down from his apartment to his car. He took the keyboards dutifully and proceeded to walk back sleepily to his apartment. Now comes the crunch. Normally the house key would be on his car key bunch. But they weren’t.

(Switching tenses for effect). So good hearted drummer is stuck out in the rain with two keyboards. But all is not lost. He just needs to hop to his parents place and get the spare key. Clever, organised chap this drummer. So he leaves the keyboards in the porch and quickly reaches his folks place and… they have given all the spare keys to their neighbours and they are not there! Brill! So poor drummer comes back to his place picks up the two keyboards and spends the night at the folks place with the two relatively bemused keyboards.

Next morning work beckons, work items are still stuck at home and the neighbours are back, Phew! But they’re asleep. After waiting till 9 am The Rajagopals try a three pronged attack by

1. calling landline
2. calling mobile
3. banging heavily on the front door


Thankfully it worked. After 25mins.

So keys well that ends well. My keyboards found a dry home, Rajeev got to work, and our friendship is still intact.

What friends do for their friends…


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