that genre thing

I think I’ve finally got it! Everyone’s been trying to identify Thermal and a Quarter‘s genre of music. Mostly we give a cool post modern repartee saying the idea of genre itself is too constricting. But needs must. Especially to an audience which is from all over the world.

so here it is gentle ladies and men!

Thermal and a Quarter the kings of…

Curry Rock

ah yes… well… you may respond


20 thoughts on “that genre thing”

  1. ok explanation

    Thermal music is from a whole bunch of influences, all the band members have very different backgrounds. So it’s like a curry. whole bunch of spices, very different meats and veg

    Plus curry is known all over the world as Indian. We are indian and a rock band. So curry rock!

  2. Nice. I wish Hook could come up with a simple tag. As of now we just Humm and Haw and say “ummm blues…jazz…rock… you know”

    I can’t believe you have Silmarillion listed in Favourite books! Really? I dragged myself through it. History of Middle Earth 301 !

  3. Yes chandy, but urbane isn’t necessarily a good thing. it sometimes translates to a milder version of pseudo. this genre sounds like an attempt to sound cool without putting in much thought. there is sophistication, in a very mallu-er than thou, christ college way. Oh and I can’t believe someone didn’t like silmarillion. if I ever had a three volume bible, that would be volume no 2, after lotr. i don’t know if anyone else feels the grief of a decaying world like I do whenever I read either lotr or silmarillion.

  4. the genre..hmm…doen’t say too much, but on explanation, looks like it says far as the Silmarillion, RTP, your right on!

  5. come on rtp, you’re bringing your disaffected urban angst into your comment.

    I think it’s a refracted image of the band name. Plus the more I think of it, the more I like it! Now wonder what the rest of the band thinks…

  6. Dai, what is this curry nonsense? Curry can be good curry, bad curry, spicy curry, bland curry, red curry, green curry, (that’s thai curry, btw)and Tim Curry. Currymean is my favourite fish. Curryna Kapoor is not happening. The poor japs may be happier with hara curry. Curryoke bars are better than muesli bars. This has gone on long enough, or i’ll be as bad as you. No curry rock, I say.

  7. I assume Bruce, after the long winded logical argument and the emphatic ‘no curry rock’ you mean yes…


    Another one in the curry fold…

  8. Sorry Bruce, you are already as bad as him. The curryoke bar pushed you over the edge. but yes, I am glad to see that Bruce at least seems to like the genre as little as I do.

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