Hong Gong from China

Thermal and a Quarter joke of the month.

Rajeev, our drummer, went to Hong Kong, and bought a china. Musos laugh!

(Others who understood, laugh. Those who don’t understand, ask. It’s generally a good policy in life (not insurance).)


9 thoughts on “Hong Gong from China”

  1. Haha !!
    If Bangalore Times had covered this, Rajeev might have created a minor ‘splash’!

    I hope he got it for a good price and was not taken for a ‘ride’!

  2. I don’t know about you bean, I generally don’t touch bass, unless for washing purposes, if you know what I mean, bean.

  3. Are you saying that because I’m left handed? Are you a southpawist? Anyhow everyone knows it’s the left hand that does the bass.

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