Westminster Abbey

Yesterday went to Westminster Abbey for the Matins with my parents who are visiting from India. I didn’t go expecting too much but I was thoroughly disappointed with how it went. It had so many features that really irritate and for me characterises meaningless worship.

Oppressive architecture, insipid music, almost NO congregational participation, excited talk of the French Prime Minister visiting, bored clergy, damp scripture reading of the King James Version and to top it off a meaningless moralistic sermon trying to tap into the ‘spirit’ of the Olymics, left me thinking that this was a tomb. The gravestones of famous people and their statues reinforced this feeling. It was a tomb of worship. A museum of all things done badly.

The one thing full of life was my 7 year old daughter reading her Alice in Wonderland book. Alice in Wonderland made far more sense than anything else uttered or sung in that service.

I suppose that’s what happens to church when it has intercourse with power.

Thankfully my parents just enjoyed going into London and being part of something different.