what friends do

those who read stupid rock shows will recall that my keyboards got wet. This is the story that occured following that. Our drummer Rajeev escorted the keyboards in his Ford Ikon (not Escort) back to his place. Normally instruments are left in the car for the night before taking it back to the practice place. However since they were wet, it wasn’t the ideal thing. I completely forgot like a dipstick and called up around 10.30 pm. ‘Machcha, please can you take the keyboards into your house and dry them’. The gentleman that he is Rajeev walked down from his apartment to his car. He took the keyboards dutifully and proceeded to walk back sleepily to his apartment. Now comes the crunch. Normally the house key would be on his car key bunch. But they weren’t.

(Switching tenses for effect). So good hearted drummer is stuck out in the rain with two keyboards. But all is not lost. He just needs to hop to his parents place and get the spare key. Clever, organised chap this drummer. So he leaves the keyboards in the porch and quickly reaches his folks place and… they have given all the spare keys to their neighbours and they are not there! Brill! So poor drummer comes back to his place picks up the two keyboards and spends the night at the folks place with the two relatively bemused keyboards.

Next morning work beckons, work items are still stuck at home and the neighbours are back, Phew! But they’re asleep. After waiting till 9 am The Rajagopals try a three pronged attack by

1. calling landline
2. calling mobile
3. banging heavily on the front door


Thankfully it worked. After 25mins.

So keys well that ends well. My keyboards found a dry home, Rajeev got to work, and our friendship is still intact.

What friends do for their friends…


The importance of Bbaug(maj)13

Bbaug(maj)13 prounounced ‘B flat augmented major thirteenth’ is an experience not to be undermined. And it’s a very keyboardist experience as well. Guitarists normally can’t play it. Ooops! Now Bruce will find a way to play it. Anyway, most normal guitarists can’t play it. Cause it’s got 6 different notes and those in the know, know that guitarists can only use 4 fingers to get their notes. Some cheat by using their thumb but we all know where that’ll end up. (No, not the thumb).

Bbaug(maj)13 is a beautiful crunchy chord, replete with innuendo. Innuendo in the sense, that within itself it has many hidden chords. In that sense, it represents to me the wondrous nature of a punny chord. Now I’m not going to Bach about my knowledge, but it’s something that everyone should try!

Here’s to the wondrousness of Bbaug(maj)13…

PS Guitarists actually can play it, but they need a bassist! Hail all bassists!

Creative Sandwiches

Once stuck in a desert, the deserted deserter hungered for something to eat and proceeded to the sand which is there…

I made a sandwich for Luiza the other day. It was simple and to the point. It was a sandwich. Here’s the recipe…

1 badly cut tomato (uneven extremely thick slices)
a cube of cheese 3cm x 3cm x 3cm
too much butter
two pre-cut pieces of bread
mangled slices of cucumber

put the first three items on the bread, in that order. The cucumber has to be forgotten and added in later. Present to the wife. Observe the surprise, the irritation, the exasperation and love on her face. To the question ‘where’s the cucumber?’ act surprised and add it in.

Here’s another

a lot of marmite
some slices of old chicken
pieces of pre-cut bread as required

Eat in any order. After all it’s a creative sandwich…

Any others?…

God’s Blog

The following I write purely from a Christian perspective, so no offense meant anywhere.

I like to think that the Bible is God’s blog. Like a blog it reveals a lot about a person, sometimes more than when you’re with them. Other people come in and comment on it, much like the people who wrote down scripture in response to God’s actions or the action of his people. And of course like a blog it is meant to accesible anywhere.

It’s the more authoritative, older blog.

The newer wacked out virus-infested blog is the church. But he still loves it…

Psycho Vegetables and other food items

Mad vegetables stalk the city!!!

Vegetables that have gone unbalanced in the head! Traumato, Cuckoomber and Potty-tato have caused the city much embarrassment and squirming due to their non-vegetarian desire for Freud eggs. It will take An Eon to sort this out, city officials say. ‘They are Jung and impressionable so it’s difficult to saute them out.’

Strange things have happened. What started out as a healthy relationship between a vegetable and a crustacean has resulted in a Crabbage. Doctors say that the impossible has happened. The media’s role has been criticised. Media Spin, Ache caused. Says the curt government statement.

Mr. Bean has been called into help, in order to avoid further carriots. Police said that within a few days there will be a restoration of Peas.

The Punderous Pun contest

Yup, this is a contest for the longest and most improbable but grammatically correct sentence punning the word pun. Puns should be more or less in the region of English but other languages can be used if there is enough currency. Criteria for longest is basically the most number of puns on pun and no repetition of the same pun.

This is what I came up with.

The punter at the pun-indian convention, punderously punned his way, punishing with punache and punch, the puny pundits, who punitatively expunged, his need to punder to his punny instincts

That’s 13