On Failure 2

Talking about failure is partially a genuine cry for getting out of the cesspool. However it is often mixed with that strange need for pity and self pity. No motive is pure. Also why would I put such personal things online? Again it’s the mixed motive. A sense of accountability mixed with ‘oh look at poor me!’

Beyond that, thinking about failure I can see what a slippery term it is. It is such a mixed term. In one sense it is about expectation. If we don’t meet an expectation we consider it to be a failure. The optimist is able to somehow see it is a victory. the realist sees it as it is but is able to accept it and move on. I don’t seem to be either of those exalted folk.

In another sense it is about perspective. People say that a change of perspective is needed. I think that’s harder than it looks. Perspective is not about a decision. It’s about turning a habit of thinking. and that takes time, effort and persistence. Time and effort I have, but persistence? I have very little of that. The next post will hopefully be on that.


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