On Failure 1

I’m going to try and write about failure. Hopefully it will go over a few posts. If it doesn’t well… point proven!

I’m not a complete failure. But overall I think I am. I am of course measuring failure and success by very general standards. People say that I shouldn’t compare myself to others but why not? Comparing ourselves to others is part of our survival mode. If someone else is doing something good or better we would like to do so as well.

The odd thing here is that the opposite of failure ie success is a very ambiguous concept for me. But there are thousands of books published on success so obviously there is some kind of an understanding of success out there. For me my understanding of failure and lack of understanding of success comes from a simple human awareness: that something is wrong but I’m not sure what should take its place.

There is also the issue of failure as a perspective issue. In my perspective I’ve failed. People probably would try and convince me to change my perspective, which is a fair enough challenge. However the call to change perspective must come through some kind of an argument which needs to have some convincing features in it. It can be either pure facts, or empathy or even an emotional outburst.

The other comparison that might be made is how many more people are less well off than me. I don’t fully identify with this because I feel that I should have made the most with what I had and I didn’t. Others probably had less than me and so couldn’t make it. It doesn’t make me feel any less of failure.

So this is the first ramble. The second might arrive. Or it might not.


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