Secondary schools in South East London

I have daughter in year 5 and a few folk said that it’s good to have a look around the schools this year as various open days clash and also if you visit over a couple of years you can see whether it is consistent.

Having now visited 8 schools I thought it would be probably be good to write down a few of my impressions. So the next few posts will be on that. I shall link them as I post.

So what’s an open day about? For most visitors it is about getting a ‘feel’ for the place. It’s a visit that tries to glean what’s behind all the results and ofsted reports. It’s that minuscule chance to try and get a sense of the space and whether your child is going to grow in this space and have some good times here. It’s also a good chance to see what the head teacher is like because that is key in how a school functions on a day to day basis.

Obviously what I write is biased from what I’ve seen in that short time but that’s what you get and decisions are made based on the bits we get to see.

The reviews

Harris Crystal Palace

Greycoat Hospital


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