Reflections on Week 3 of Jacob’s Ladder

Coming up to Christmas the church building gets busier and busier. The space has been very intensively used and it was hard to get the ladder up on some days. On Day 18 I had to get in at 630 am to finish at 830. This however gave a very good visual idea of what Advent was about as I sat in the dark waiting for the light to come in.

The calendar has got longer and longer in duration which is odd considering that we assume that the wait is getting shorter and shorter. This is how waiting feels, as impatience rises the wait seems to increase even though technically it should be getting shorter.

As we get to the end of the calendar I have had to try and make a decision as to how this is going to end. Traditional Advent Calendars are for 24 days. In the traditional calendar Advent is upto the 24th. Then it’s Christmas. Should this calendar show Christmas? Is this going to be 24 or 25? It’s been fairly ambiguous in my mind. We will see what happens.



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