Reflections on week 2 of the Advent Calendar

The sounds have started their tangible descent. As more speakers get added to the wire they start coming down. From the concert hall it has reached the kitchen.

I’ve found the pace quite hard. So I actually revised the times of the calendar to fit in with the rest of my life. Doing an immense art project and looking after two bright children and doing the cooking isn’t that easy. We have somehow managed to not depend on take aways more than once!

Going and setting up the calendar everyday feels like setting up for a gig everyday, performing and taking it all down again, going home writing a new song and coming back for the next.

It has also bound me to a one mile area of movement. Which for me is quite strange. It has forcefully rooted me in Penge (which I love), and incited me to listen and look even deeper. Some days Penge feels tense and grumpy. Some days it is full of ribald laughter. To be tied to a place brings its joys and sorrows up close. I’m yet to learn fully, to live with it.

The calendar has also made me aware of the rhythms of the church building. Some of the echoes of those rhythms occur through the videos as people pack up from what they are doing or come to set up for the what comes next. A growing awareness of the rhythm of a place makes us more gracious to why certain irritating things happen as they do. It also allows us to appreciate the tireless work of the unseen, who find a solace, in a work they find meaningful.

Through the week the calendar has generated conversation. People of different ages and cultures have tried to understand what’s going on. A few have actually sat and engaged. This is where a stronger understanding occurs.

The last day of last week saw Kerst leading and evening of song and story, next to the calendar. It was a great time. I felt that he interacted with calendar really well and the calendar gained a lift from his presence. It was a good end to the week.


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