The conundrum

This is a great puzzle. What does it mean to be an individual? And why do individuals make up mobs? To be a particular person is a gift. To be in community is a gift. But too often we go the selfish way and join up the nearest mob to make ourselves feel better. Individualism as sold by capitalism is all about self propogation when in reality capitalism is heavily dependent on mass marketing and mob buying.

At the same time in churches we are often sold a story of individual salvation which requires a mob behaviour to sustain itself.

How does Jesus fit into this puzzle? He had many mobs against him. At the same time we see him extricating himself from mob mentality by being different, acting differently and being challenged to be different. (The story of the syro-phonecian woman ). At the same time he’s forging a community that looks after each other. Yet how does this community stop becoming a mob? As it has so often done with disastrous consequences?


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