I went to my first ‘non-Christian’ English wedding last weekend. By non-Christian I could be being judgmental but to our knowledge the couple weren’t practising Christians. My wife’s cousin was getting married to her boyfriend of many years.

The service itself was the standard Anglican wedding service with two surprisingly modern songs being sung. By modern I of course mean that it’s about 20 years old. The vicar whom we later found out was the curate did a good job I thought. He was evangelical and jovial and played the guitar on one of the songs. The organist was awful. She couldn’t play. It seems that the church didn’t want to risk allowing a good organist to come in play because it ‘would hurt her feelings’. WHAT???!!! Argggh! We shall rant about that later.

The couple seemed oblivious to all this. They were very much in love and were quite emotional through the service. I found that very eye opening. I didn’t really understand how a ceremony could make a difference to a live-in relationship of a few years but for this couple it really did.

Through the speeches this was further accentuated. Maybe in the day to day mundaneness things wouldn’t be that difference. But this ceremony was important. And it allows me to view the ceremony of the wedding in a more interesting light. We are humans after all. Ritual and ceremony are important to us.


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