Thanks to one of my oldest mates, Paul I got to see GnR in concert.Yes, I know Slash isn’t there so that’s half the magic gone but Axl Rose still rocked it.

Starting off with a song from Chinese Democracy they then went into ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’ I must say my hair stood on end. The band were brilliant with Axl for some bizarre reason choosing to have THREE guitarists. Yes three. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it but there you go. Reliving teenage years is always good.

The sound (PA) however wasn’t that good. I don’t fully get it. Surely the GnR would have one of the best as their sound engineers? Or maybe my ears have become more and more accustomed to other things.

The crowd was interesting. It was mostly white with a smattering of Asians both subcontinental and far eastern. But the Asians didn’t look or sound as British born and brought up folk. Paul theorised that these were people who had loved GnR in the country that they had grown up. As far as I could see there were no black people. I found it quite interesting. I had a slightly blinkered notion about music that it was a unifying force. Yet recent experiences have shown that the opposite is true too. Music divides.

Back to the concert, Axl was fashionably late. Obviously the crowd grew restive and the booing and whistling started and so the PA guys played out a bunch rock hits from the nineties and noughties in effect to shut us all up. I had just started reading ‘Noise: A Political Economy of Music’ by Jaques Attali where he speaks of the powers that be using music to silence people. How true! Shame on you Axl. But thanks for our teenage years.


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