Squabbling Children

This morning as usual I was woken up by the kids and sometimes it’s fine. We have our coffees and on Saturdays we probably climb back into our bed to have a cuddle and some games. Sometimes it’s not that great. There’s loads of squabbling and whining and fighting in the bed and it all goes rather unpleasant.

I rather irritably said ‘well God never had to deal with THIS! I thought in the incarnation he got to know all our troubles, but not this.’ Then somehow the story of Jesus and the storm popped into my head. Well he was woken up from a deep sleep. And did he then had to deal with squabbling children?

In a sense I think yes. He crossly asks the disciples, ‘where’s your faith?’ Then he gives a right old scolding to the storm. It strongly reminded me of a parent coming and telling both children off in different ways. After all God did give birth to the elements that make the storm just as he gave birth to us.

So Jesus gets woken up by the disciples like the whiny young child complaining about the big brother or sister bullying them. Jesus grumpily asks why the younger siblings of humans couldn’t have sorted it and gives the big brother storm a good rollicking.

Since God gave birth to all creation I think it’s legitimate to think of parts of creation as being siblings with each other. This probably could or should change the way I look at the environment. It also puts the whole struggle we have with nature in terms of disease and ‘natural’ disasters in a different light.

After all, all creation needs to be saved. And Jesus in Mark was ‘with the wild beasts’, he walks on water in the storm and so on. Are these glimpses of Jesus proclaiming salvation to creation itself? Can we view the rest of creation as older brothers or sisters since within the creation stories we are ‘younger’? And as the younger or second siblings fulfil the promise of God in so many stories of the bible, is that why Jesus comes as a human and shall not incarnate himself as any other part of creation?

Possibly lots to think there.


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