Sky in the blood

It’s been a bad 10 days. Haven’t been able to work. Haven’t been able to do anything of any real worth. There was an internal implosion within me which made no sense. I was going along ok and the Boom! Everything just stopped. It’s been a difficult time with a family member of ours as well.

So this Sunday I didn’t want to go to church. I quite enjoy our church services. Not sure why but I’m just happy to be there. But this Sunday I didn’t want to be there. I gritted my teeth through the music and tried to listen to what was a very interesting sermon on our responsibility to the environment but just felt alien.

We went up to communion and after having the bread, the body of Christ, I reached out to take the cup from the server of the wine, the blood. As I looked into the cup I saw the sky.

Our church building has a large set of glass windows up behind the communion table. So when I looked in I saw the reflection of the sky. A fairly mundane observation. But at that moment it became very special. To see the open sky with its wise, gentle clouds, when looking down into the cup of red wine at that moment gave me hope.

The Spirit works like that. An ordinary set of physical phenomena is transformed into something special and wonderful for that instant.

Yes, I saw the sky in the blood.


7 thoughts on “Sky in the blood”

  1. I remember the large space of a pulpit once bringing about a similar thought. Closing my eyes while there, the sense of God being large and all around was invoked

  2. Pardon my apparent parapraxis. But again, third times a charm, I mean chancel..
    Sunil, how wrong I was should say something for how right I cannot be. Oh fooey..

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