Lent 40 : Hope you never said goodbye

The last one! I hope to reflect on the whole process next week. So here’s the last of the 40 pieces and the reflection below.

There are two ways of looking at it. Either hope has left us without so much as a farewell or, hope is somewhere around because there was no farewell.

Easter Saturday is a bit like that. Has hope disappeared or is he around somewhere? It’s hard to know. In between Good Friday and Easter, the Saturday is shut down time. We hope that Good Friday was when restart was activated. And we hope that when the reboot happens the virus of sin will be vanquished.

Praise be to the one who didn’t say goodbye.


6 thoughts on “Lent 40 : Hope you never said goodbye”

  1. HI Sunil,

    Well done for making it to the end (sorry to miss the last bit, went on holiday). You could make a great exhibition – if you found 40 artist/photographers to take a piece each and create an artwork based on each musing and sound reflection (bring your own headphones?).


  2. Truly Amazing introspections both in word and music… performance or AV experience that can be shared offline (in person) should be in order me thinks!

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