Lent 29 : The Call

This piece explores the nature of a call. The call is a strange meeting point of circumstance, our own maturing and hearing something from beyond. I like to imagine it as a gentle insistent voice. I would like to think that in my better days this is how I get my 5 year old to tidy up!

I wonder how Jesus realised his call. It must have been so many different things through the first 30 years of his life. His mother’s stories, the oppression of his people, his experiences of the temple and his cousin John. Then he goes forward for baptism and it all comes together. The heavens open as the dimensions collide and the Spirit who brooded over creation comes upon Jesus and drives him to the desert.

Is it in the desert that he realises his true, chilling, calling?

One thought on “Lent 29 : The Call”

  1. Found this very interesting as that word ‘calling’ has been haunting me more than ever recently. Particularly interesting are all the surrounding circumstances and personal maturity aspects to unraveling the mystery. There are days when I wonder if I’m just over analyzing everything and yet… I’m pretty sure something is going on though nothing makes sense at the moment!

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