Lent 23 : I hear without understanding

Vast amounts of information rush around us. For the most part we don’t really understand it. This is true in church where we keep hearing the scriptures but it all just washes over us.

Jesus quotes the chilling comment from Isaiah ‘…ever hearing, but never understanding, … ever seeing, but never perceiving…’ (Is 6:9, Matt 13:13-14, Mark 4:12)

I think this is about the Spirit. It is the Spirit who allows us to understand, to perceive. It is the Spirit who allows us to have that resonance with a song, a sermon, a gig or a meal. So Jesus says without the Spirit we can’t understand or perceive him.

In the desert, away from the edifices and constructs of our morality and our religion the Spirit blows freely. We wish to take shelter from this dangerous, wild breath. But in order to hear God we have to face the wind. It might be a gentle breeze or a dusty gust but the wind brings close what was far away. We might hear something wonderful.

I don’t know what this piece is about. I hear but have no response to make. Could you? 🙂


One thought on “Lent 23 : I hear without understanding”

  1. Hey Sunil,

    The voice at the beginning, running as a constant all the way through and finishes the piece, for me like the Spirit: trying to draw us in to a harmonic theme, but we dance around with our own themes and voices, only tuning in briefly and then out again. I find myself constantly distracted, but always grateful for the pulse calling me back.

    I am personally challenged to seek out/called to go where the Spirit voice is emerging in unexpected places and hope to be surprised by alternative voices catching the harmony. So your last paragraph is particularly poignant.

    Always enjoy a groove – thanks again for providing some structure around Lent season, working for me.


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