Lent 20 : Companions

Halfway through! It’s been quite hard. So far I’ve used two old ideas and about 5 ideas that I had put down in the few weeks before Lent. The rest were conceived pretty much the day before. That’s been hard especially with work and two lovely but full on children. And everyday I feel like giving up. That is the desert.

It’s when giving up is imminent that companions make all the difference. Luiza has been the sympathetic and discerning listener allowing me to live with myself despite my rubbishness. And of course there have been those who have been listening to the songs and commenting. Thanks all of you.

This piece is about two other companions of a different kind. I’ve never seen them but they’ve helped me enormously through my spiritual desert. If faith has made any sense in the last few years then it has been due to the way these two people have articulated God.

The writings of John V. Taylor and Rowan Williams have held my despair at bay, given me a will to believe and an ability to see the world as an intricate fragile work of beauty replenished.

I hang on to the edge of these bishops cassocks (pretty much like I did with my grandfather) and can bear the ride.

The piece is written in the rhythm according to the morse codes of my name, then Rowan’s, then John V Taylor’s and finally underneath it all love.

or listen to it here.


2 thoughts on “Lent 20 : Companions”

  1. The creative journey is often a walk in the desert interspersed with the odd oasis. I’ve been inspired by your determination to get creative this lent as it takes us all to different places in our thinking… lest we become artistically inert = despair, creative imagination = hope. Creative companions = hope x2.

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