Lent 17 : The Wind shifts the sands

In the desert sometimes we can feel the presence of God. As he breathes, the sands beneath you start to move. All that we knew seems shaky. This is the work of the Spirit moving us on in journey to be more like Christ. Things that were certain and sure before are no longer needed. The Spirit sings us a different tune for us to follow. Yet inevitably we remain stuck and go out of sync. When we finally feel as though we get in sync with him, he seems to vanish back into the thin air he came from.

If you listen carefully to the piece you will hear the tune and accompaniment slowly go out of sync. As the piece moves towards the end the high note tries to get in sync but is stuck in it’s old timing. Closer to the end the high note manages to get with the beat but at the very end it feels as though we’ve been left alone.

or listen to it here


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