Lent 12 : Temptation 1. Self Help

Jesus has deep temptations in the desert. I think these are temptations of power. Jesus has just been proclaimed as the Beloved Son. He is God’s representative. Now he is in the desert. How is he going to live out his special calling? The temptations that come his way are familiar paths to leadership. Today will be the first of those he rejects.

1. Jesus rejects the power of self help

When Jesus is tempted to turn the stones into bread the devil taps into the self help industry. Help yourself. It’s your life. Change it. Be the change. We’ve heard all these. So the devil tempts Jesus to just help himself. Maybe the kingdom will be established like this? Encourage people to help themselves and through raised self awareness the new kingdom could be established. Our Christian bookshops are filled with self help titles and large swathes of world urban culture is caught up in the self help industry. Jesus reply is ‘one cannot live by bread alone.’ His kingship cannot be realised through sheer will and determination.

This piece is a mashup of great songs of self belief.


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