Lent 8 : The cave

David’s wilderness years are fascinating and disturbing. Filled with violence and yet kindness he wanders with his band of merrymen living out of society, pretending madness, marrying and sparing the life of the king who wants him dead.

We know for sure he wrote songs during such times. Psalm 57, 63 and 142 are the more explicit ones. Two of them are written in a cave. In a cave things can seem quite static. Maybe this is the life we’re meant to lead. Maybe we’re not called to do anything. Maybe there is no one out there. Light seems to have no power; it falls dead on to the stones. Yet there is something that can have life in the cave. Sound, which builds on itself. A song of solitude grows choral. A cave which could be a tomb can have life. This piece tries to capture the feeling that what seems static can move and grow.


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