Lent 7 : I can groove this, I know not how

Press play on the music and try and clap along to it. Or try and keep a count to the music. Ideally let me know what time signature it is :). Do you find your clapping moving out of time? Do you find yourself adjusting your clap to keep in time?

In the desert with structures stripped away we’re forced to play with new things. We are forced out of our comfort zones, our habits. But it needn’t be a chore. We can find ourselves slip into a completely new groove without knowing how. Others will find it difficult to join in, but that’s ok. Sometimes after the desert you might not need it; sometimes you will.

The characters of the bible faced much in their desert situations. It forced them to confront what was the accepted norm and to challenge it. David in his hiding from Saul pens enormously creative Psalms. We consider them to be personal emotiveness from personal experience. But I see them as theologically and liturgically creative.

The desert demands responses that are creative so that our theology continues to hit the road and not float in Hollywood. The desert demands new grooves.

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