Lent 1 : Driven

Lent has started. So I thought that instead of giving up something I would actually do something. I’m going to try and put up a new piece of music every day of Lent and write a short reflection on the wilderness experience. The music will be mostly incomplete pieces and ideas which are yet to be developed.

The first piece is called driven. After Jesus’ baptism he was driven into the desert by the Spirit. From the amazing experience of being declared ‘My Beloved Son’, he is led into the desert. This is a recurrent theme in scripture. Amazing events followed by dreary wanderings and all kind of false realities are attractive possibilities.

The Israelites after their astonishing exodus from Egypt wander for 40 years. Moses their most esteemed leader, like the rest of his generation doesn’t leave the wilderness alive.

Israel, after settling in the land is afterwards sent into exile.

Jesus is driven into the desert.

The early church after their initial warm cosy existence are driven out of Jerusalem.

And yet most of our scripture is written in these times. Possibly being taken out of your comfort zone strips away the dross and gives you the chance to break your delusions. Luiza and I have experienced this twice now. It’s not comfortable nor romantic. I can’t fully accept or understand it.

The piece of music is written in quasi-glam-rock style. It’s fairly noisy and groovy but goes nowhere, ending in chaos.


6 thoughts on “Lent 1 : Driven”

  1. Hi Sunil,

    Enjoying your writing and the creativity. Inspired to ‘just do something’ too. Spending too much time organising creative activity for other folk and not being creative myself. I will stop by again.


    1. Hey Guy,

      thanks for stopping by. I hope you get the space to do your stuff. I know it feels indulgent but I’ve come to the conclusion that this is an expression of personal spirituality.

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