Silence 2

I wrote about the silence that Jesus demands in the gospel of Mark and silence that is placed upon Daniel after his marvelous visions. I don’t understand this requirement of silence for these great things. It feels like being part of an upside down repressive regime.

Maybe a couple of quotes from Rowan Williams’ great book Christ on Trial can stir something.

….could there be a language in which it could truly be said who Jesus is? Whatever is said will take on the colouring of the world’s insanity; it will be another bid for the world’s power, another identification with the unaccountable tyrannies that decide how things shall be. Jesus, described in the world of this world, would be a competitor for space in it, part of its untruth. (p6)

Speaking of Jesus overall silence at his trial (other than one statement), Rowan says

…it is we who are silenced, we who have our careful and exact expectations overturned. (p9)

Expectations overturned. That does seem to be a chief feature of Jesus’ impact upon the expectant Jews. Maybe his want of our silence is so that our broken deluded way of looking at God and his world can be stripped away.


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