Delusion of Gender

Recently my wife read a brilliant book. I must confess that I’m a bit of a vicarious reader with me reading over her shoulder or she reading bits out to me. But it is amazing how science and crucially the science that makes it to the mainstream media is so biased against women. There are a few experiments which seem to point that males are better at this and females are better at this. But there are many more experiments which can’t really can’t find any difference. But what gets reported? The one that normally reinforces prejudice. (Oddly enough I came across this as well.)

It is generally believed that men are better in math. An interesting experiment illustrated in this book was where one group was told that they were being tested on mathematical ability and one group was told something else but in actual fact they were also being tested in their math ability.

The result was that the women in the group who knew that they were doing math did worse than the men but the other group where they didn’t know about the real test men and women did the same.

That is interesting and disturbing. It is difficult when the oppressed share the delusion of the oppressor. It is also difficult when science seems to prove one thing but what gets to mainstream consciousness is totally different.

This is part of the great delusion. It has to be said though, that things have improved over the last few hundred years. But there is this strange yearning for a mythical simpler time when everything was? Simpler. Yes it’s as silly as that.

I have to add this distortion in science reporting is not skewed by the women reporting this as it happens on a wider scale. Check this.

One thought on “Delusion of Gender”

  1. It is difficult when the oppressed share the delusion of the oppressor.

    I agree. I remember the stories my sister-in-law tells me of women who die because their own husbands or relatives will not part with a drop of blood. A woman once told her, ‘I’m a stone. It doesn’t matter whether I live or die.’

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