Guitarists that lead me on

This is a bit more complex compared to the bassist post I did before. There seem to be more of ’em and the variety is greater.

So I’m going to kind of categorize a bit. Of course this list is all to do with those who’ve affected me. Who else matters ey? 🙂


  1. Jimi Hendrix – Not to mention him would be like a Christian saying he hasn’t really heard of Jesus and doesn’t think much of him.
  2. Jimmy Page – Dirty and groovy
  3. Ritchie Blackmore – ok Smoke on the Water might be overrated but didn’t every guitar student from the 70s to 90s try it out at least once?
  4. Van Halen – Hugely innovative and accessible
  5. Steve Vai – Absolutely mad, wierd, exciting fun
  6. Joe Satriani – Great tunes, marvelous ability to tell very different stories
  7. Slash – Well I did actually learn a few of his solos note for note. Fat and tuneful.


  1. Paul Gilbert faaaaasssssstand tuneful
  2. Nuno Bettencourt – faaasssst and incredibly intelligent


  1. The Edge – That wall of sound famously parodied by Bill Bailey
  2. Alex Lifeson – An unsung other within the band Rush
  3. John Frusciante – The ridiculously talented guitarist who makes RHCP really fruity
  4. Kim Thayil – The one who hated guitar solos. What chops, what tuning!


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