I’m not a racist.

The poor are not intelligent. The poor are lazy.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

I don’t need philosophy, common sense is enough.

I’m a self made man.

Other than death humanity is united in delusion. Many great thinkers and religions acknowledge this and want us to move out of delusion into the truth. Quite often they speak of it in terms of darkness and moving into light.

The complication of delusion is that it’s always mixed with the truth and quite often in a way nearly impossible to separate the two. Maybe the only way to move away from delusion is to consistently name it as such.

The statements at the beginning are examples of delusions that we share. And by going through them I shall feebly and deludedly attempt at naming and exposing a few common delusions. So watch out for my patchy and non rigorous series on delusion! 🙂


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